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Island D. Automotive Machine Engine Warranty 

Island D. Automotive Machine warrants to the original purchaser that each engine rebuilt by Island D. Automotive Machine shall be free of defects in supplied materials and workmanship subject to the following terms and conditions:

1 year / 20,000km

Private use vehicles, passenger cars and light trucks, short blocks: One year or 20,000 km, whichever occurs first from the date of invoice.

6 months / 20,000km

Marine, Commercial use, light and heavy trucks: Six months or 20,000 km, whichever occurs first from the date of invoice.




This warranty applies to engines originally built by Island D. Automotive Machine . This warranty does not apply to or include any of the following:

  1. Any product used for competition, racing or related purposes.

  2. Damage as a result of installer error or improper break in procedure. Engine must be installed by a licensed technician. 

  3. Damage resulting from overheating/melted heat tabs (250°F) 

  4. Damage resulting from lack of lubrication or contamination. 

  5. Neglect of proper regular maintenance. Incorrect oil is put into the unit, unit is ran without oil / unit is ran out of oil due to seal leaks will void warranty.  ALL MAINTENANCE RECORDS must be provided or warranty will be void. 

  6. Damage resulting from the ignition system such as pre-ignition or detonation. This includes but is not limited to: melted or broken piston, broken piston rings, damaged cylinder heads, leaking head gaskets, etc.

  7. Damage resulting from excessive EGT’s.

  8. Damage resulting from Fuel system. 

  9. Damage resulting from excessive R.P.M. such as broken crankshafts, broken connecting rods, broken or damaged piston rings, broken valve train.

  10. Damage resulting from rebuild being performed to customer specifications. Warranty only applies when engine is rebuilt to OEM specifications.

  11. Damage resulting from improper air filtration: Dusting

  12. A crankshaft thrust surface that is worn due to excessive forward pressure placed on the rear of the crankshaft.

  13. Head gasket failures directly related to high timing from aftermarket tuning or failure to perform a proper hot “re-torque” with the use of ARP head studs as described with engine installation manual.

  14. Repair or replacement required as a result of any accident, abuse, abusive driving or an operation for which it was not designed, or alteration from the original manufacturer’s specifications

  15. Repair or replacement of any accessory or service item, including specifically but not limited to: all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical, and ignition systems including belts, hoses, and filters.

  16. Island D Automotive Machine is not responsible for defective parts supplied by customer or aftermarket companies that may have been used in the build process such as (Distributors, Carburetors, Lifters/Valve Train, Water Pumps, Fuel Pumps, and Oil Pumps etc.) Most of the parts will carry their own warranty through the proper vendor. 


  1. Sea Trial form must be received by Island D Automotive Machine for any warranty claim to be honoured.

  2. No warranty on raw water cooled marine engines

  3. Marine accessories need to be inspected/rebuilt /replaced: such as Heat-exchanger, water cooled Manifolds and Risers, Raw Water Pumps, etc.

  4. New engine break-in guidelines must be followed as outlined in the booklet supplied by Island D Automotive Machine with rebuilt engine.

Limited Liability:

Island D. Automotive Machine liability under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective unit. Island D. Automotive Machine shall not be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages including but not limited to:

  1. freight charges, rental cars, towing fees or for any service not expressly provided for herein

  2. lost profits, sales or income, relating or arising from Island D Automotive Machine services.

Additional Owner/User Obligations:

  1. Initial Startup: Valves must be re-adjusted to manufacturer's specifications. Due to various component designs, cylinder head re-torque may or may not be required in your particular application. Refer to factory shop manual for the proper procedure for your engine type.

  2. First service between 800-1000 kms after installation: Oil and filter must be changed, valves re-adjusted and cylinder heads re-torqued (refer to initial startup instructions).

  3. Failures to perform these basic operations may result in a voided warranty.

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