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All Makes and Models, Imported or Domestic

From high-performance sports cars and family sedans to industrial and diesel trucks, Island D. Automotive Machine offers engine rebuilds and repairs in Nanaimo. We are experienced with all makes and models of domestic and imported vehicles, from motorcycle engines to large cubic engines. Our machine services also include diesel engines for heavy duty industrial purposes, as well as marine engines. Our team includes 5 engine specialists with the combined experience of over 75 years. Our equipment is industry leading, which ensures the quality and accuracy needed to do the job correctly the first time.


Cylinder Head Rebuilding & Resurfacing

Island D. Automotive Machine offers comprehensive range of Cylinder Head services: cleaning, testing, and machining.  We use state of the art Rottler machines to deliver high quality results to all of our customers.


Engine Rotating Assembly Balancing

Whether you’re building a mild stock engine, a high-revving performance engine, or a slow-turning heavy-duty diesel engine, the importance of a quality, precise balancing job is key. Balancing greatly improves bearing life as it drastically reduces side loads.

Engine balancing will also leave you with a smooth running engine with minimal vibration, ensuring a long, trouble free service life.

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CNC Boring & Honing

At Island D. Automotive Machine, we have a Rottler H85A CNC Automatic Vertical Honing Machine and a Precision Rottler F5 Boring Bar that offer true, constant, and accurate boring and honing results that will ensure your cylinders are restored to a factory finish. 

Ultra Sonic, Jet Wash,

Hot Tank Cleaning &

Media Blasting 

We offer 4 precision cleaning services at Island D. Automotive Machine: Hot Tank, Industrial Jet Clean, Industrial Ultra Sonic Cleaning and Media Blasting.

Flywheel Resurfacing & Balancing

Flywheels can obtain targeted areas of wear due to the excessive friction and heat over time. This can cause vibration whenever the Flywheel engages and when the vehicle accelerates.  In order to prevent issues directly after installing a new clutch and later down the line, it’s important to get the Flywheel resurfaced regularly.


Crank Shaft Grinding & Balancing 

Island D. Automotive Machine has earned a province wide reputation for our Crank Shaft services. We are centrally located to offer Crank Shaft services to a wide range of industries on Vancouver Island.


This process requires the machining of a precise groove cut into the surface of the head and the installation of a stainless steel o-ring. The o-ring adds a secondary seal to the head gasket at the fire ring area, which can absorb warpage and still maintain a compression seal.


Con Rods

We offer precision connecting rod machining and reconditioning services. We have the equipment to work on connecting rods of all sizes from diesel and natural gas engines. A rigorous examination process is performed to determine their re-usability, sizing and straightness. We then apply new bushings that are cut to size, providing a smooth surface ready to return to its application.


Sleeves can be used to restore a particular bore size to to like-new dimensions if a cylinder has been too badly worn or damaged. 

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