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Limited Rebuilt Engine Warranty from Island D. Automotive Machine

Rebuilt Engine Limited Warranty

Island D. Automotive Machine Ltd warrants its remanufactured engines to be free from defects in materials and workmanship as follows:

  1. Private use vehicles, passenger cars and light trucks, short blocks: One year or 20,000 km, whichever occurs first from the date of invoice.
  2. Commercial use, light and heavy trucks: Six months or 20,000 km, whichever occurs first from the date of invoice.
  3. Taxi cabs: Six months, unlimited mileage.
  4. Marine: Six months. No re and re allowance.
  5. This warranty is non-transferrable and terminates upon transfer of vehicle ownership.
  6. Warranty will not apply to engines that have been raced, overheated, run without lubricants or improperly maintained. A service record should be kept for your protection.
  7. Island D. Automotive Machine Ltd will not pay for downtime, towing, lodging or loss of wages.
  8. Labour to re and re will only be paid if Island D. Automotive Machine Ltd originally installed the engine.
  9. A heat level indicator is installed on all of our rebuilt engines. Should the centre part of the indicator melt or be modified following engine overheating, or should it be removed, this warranty shall become null and void.
  10. In case of engine failure the engine must be brought back to Island D. Automotive Machine Ltd for inspection.
  11. Warranty does not apply if engine is rebuilt to customer specifications. Warranty only applies when engine is rebuilt to OEM specifications.
  12. Exchange core must be same as purchased. No broken or cracked cores will be accepted.
  13. Allow five working days for core refund.
  14. No raw water-cooled marine cores accepted.
  15. Engine must be installed by a licensed technician.

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